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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

RosemaryRosemary is a common medicinal herb which originates from the Mediterranean region and is a relative of peppermint. Rosemary received its name from the Latin “sea dew”. It is used for its wide variety of medicinal purposes, as well as in culinary for spicing the foods, especially various dishes with meat, eggs, tomatoes, and bakery. Also, rosemary oil is one of the most frequently utilized oils in aromatherapy, valued for its beautiful aroma with excellent calming and relaxing powers. (more…)

Chamomile (Maticaria Recutita)

ChamomileChamomile (Maticaria Recutita) is definitely one of the most common medicinal herbs. Chamomile is an annual herbaceous plant which comes from south-east Europe. For ages it’s been used for a variety of its health benefits and curative powers. It is available in all markets and herbal shops in the forms of tea, capsules, pills, ointment, liquid extracts and even essential oil. Dried chamomile flowers are used for preparing teas, infusions and decoctions and other type of remedies, which are used both internally and externally. (more…)

The Main General Properties Of Medicinal Herbs

Herbal remediesAll known medicinal herbs have three main therapeutic powers. Those include building, stimulating and cleansing properties. Many modern therapeutic techniques involve detoxification on the first stage, followed by taking advantage from stimulating and building properties of medicinal herbs. (more…)

How To Use Medicinal Herbs

Herbal TeaThe easiest way to use herbs is preparing herbal teas, or herbal infusions. You can use fresh or dried leaves, stems, seeds or flowers. The most common way of preparing any type of herbal tea is steeping certain amount of dried herbal material in 100-150 ml of boiling water, and then keeping the infusion for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to cover up the cup in order not to lose valuable elements which can go into the air. Herbal teas can be consumed cold or hot. (more…)

What Medicinal Herbs Can Do For Us?

Herbal RemediesNowadays, herbal medicine and herbal remedies are exceptionally popular and millions of people throughout the world are using medicinal herbs and natural products to prevent or treat a great number of common diseases, as well as for strengthening own genera health. Medicinal herbs are supposed to be very powerful remedies for many various health conditions, and they allow us receive quick and lasting results. (more…)

Medicinal Plants And Their Nutritional Values

Medicinal HerbsMillennia ago, our ancient predecessors used various herbs, plants and fruit as their daily diet. Herbs and plants have very high nutritional value die to the rich content of various phytochemicals and phytonutrients, including minerals, vitamins, enzymes, bacteria and so on. Under the term “phytochemicals” we understand all natural chemical compounds and nutrients which can be found in plants and herbs. (more…)

Medicinal Herbs And Their Uses

Herbal RemediesIt is difficult to underestimate the role and importance of medicinal herbs and herbal remedies in modern medical science. Medicinal plants and herbs include those botanical species which have certain values for our health and can provide us with certain therapeutic benefits. When talking about herbs, the scientists usually mean not only stems and leaves of the plants, but also their fruit, flowers, roots, seeds and shells, pollen, plant oil and other ingredients. (more…)

Aromatherapy And A Little Bit Of Its History

AromatherapyAromatherapy is a very popular branch of modern herbal medicine, which involves using curative abilities and therapeutic properties of essential oils for treating many known diseases and health problems. Historically, aromatherapy is based on holistic approach and this type of healing is directed on achieving maximal balance in our physical and psychological life. As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy has thousands years of history and development. (more…)