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Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)

Health Benefits Of ChervilChervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) has been known for centuries as a culinary spice. This medicinal herb is a delicate annual herb which belongs to the same family as parsley, chives, tarragon and others. It is quite common to cultivate this herb indoors as it grows pretty good at room temperatures. Chervil originates from the Middle East and was brought to Europe in the times of the Roman Empire. As a culinary spice, it can be used both fresh and dried to enhance the taste of a great variety of meals. (more…)

Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis)

health benefits of evening primroseEvening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis) is a common medicinal plant known also as Fever plant, Night willow-herb, Scurvish, Scabish, and others. This plant can be found throughout the North America, it is about 4-5 tall and has beautiful sunny yellow flowers. Evening primrose has been widely used by American indigenous population, and centuries ago it became common to extract essential oil from this plant. Nowadays, evening primrose oil plays an important role in aromatherapy and can be used to treat a great deal of health conditions and illnesses. (more…)

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)

goldenseal benefitsGoldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is a perennial herb, a member of the buttercup familae. It can also be referred to as yellowroot or eyeroot. This herb grows throughout the woody areas of the Northern hemisphere, especially in rich and watery soils. It can be recognized by its quite strong odor and a fruit which looks much like raspberry. Goldenseal infusion and goldenseal ointments are the most commonly used herbal preparations with this medicinal herb. Also, it is possible to use this remedy in the forms of capsules, tincture or powder. (more…)