For the last two decades, the value of herbal medicine and herbal remedies was completely re-examined. Many of us who got tired of negative side effects or ineffectiveness of common over-the-counter drugs, as well as poor nutrition and our terrible environment, turned to home remedies and natural therapies for practically all known diseases and ailments. This public tendency was fully supported by scientific researches and studies, which support and promote the efficacy of herbal remedies, healthy eating and active lifestyle. Therefore, herbal medicine and herbal information have a great demand nowadays.

Herbal InformationFollowing this tendency, there is a great deal of various books, magazines, websites and other mass media, which are giving competent and comprehensive herbal information and educating modern people about numerous herbal options for improving their health. Unfortunately, some of those serve for commercial purposes, in order to sell one or another new “miraculous” herbal remedy, and people’s wellness in not the goal they pursue.

That is why it is vital for everyone who wants to receive help from natural remedies and enjoy the benefits of one or another herbal therapy should work closely with a herbalist or a specially trained practitioner, who is qualified to supervise and advice for one or another herbal supplements, herbal remedies and so on. All herbs and herbal remedies do not serve good for everyone. Besides, every one of us has lots of individual medical specifics which should be taken into consideration when choosing a herb or herbal treatment for a particular health condition.

This site is initially planned to be as a database of all major herbs, herbal remedies and herbal therapies. It will contain lots of interesting herbal information, a little from history of herbal medicine, various medicinal herbs and how they work, what are the benefits of one or another herb and what herbs can help for one or another ailment. What will this site turn into in a year or two? I am not sure, but it will still be useful and helpful for those who are looking for effective herbal solutions. Just stay around and learn more about the secrets of modern herbal medicine.