Arnica (Arnica Montana)

health benefits of arnicaArnica is among the most commonly used herbal remedies known for its anti-inflammatory properties around the globe. For over five centuries this medicinal herb has been used in Europe, Russia, Latin America and North America for a variety of health conditions and ailments. Arnica is a perennial plant with small yellow flowers resembling daisies. The flowers (dried of fresh) are used for herbal preparations with this natural remedy, which usually include arnica tincture (also used as a base for compresses and poultices), arnica powder, arnica oil, arnica ointments, and various arnica extracts, which are recommended only for topical use, not oral.

This medicinal herb contains such substances as flavonoids, carotenoids, tannins, inulin, thymol, caffeic acid, saccharose, and others. Health benefits of arnica include stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, vulnerary, emollient, and calming effects. In addition, one of the most valuable arnica health benefits is stimulating healing and total recovery of the body, mainly due to excellent natural properties of this herbal remedy to prevent viruses and bacteria from multiplying. Other numerous therapeutic powers and health benefits of arnica embrace the following:

  • Arnica Health BenefitsAs an effective anti-inflammatory, arnica remedies can be used to treat and prevent various infections, including respiratory infections, arthritis-related symptoms, and so on.
  • Arnica health benefits include reducing swelling and pain.
  • Hot baths and poultices with this herb have been used for centuries to reduce abdominal pains of various nature, starting from menstrual pains and ending up with colic and inflammation-related pains.
  • This amazing natural remedy can be used to elevate blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Among all other health benefits of arnica, a great role is played by its property to boost the activity of blood cells and relieve congested blood cells.
  • Arnica tincture can be used to stop bleeding.
  • This natural remedy can be recommended to prevent various cardiovascular problems and conditions.
  • Health benefits of arnica include relieving such conditions as sore muscles, muscle spasms, muscle tension, and muscle aches.
  • Arnica oil, tincture or extracts can be used to heal various skin problems of bacterial, inflammatory or viral nature, including acne, eczema, etc.
  • It is a great remedy for muscle strains and swellings caused by fractures.
  • Arnica extracts can be used for blisters, peeling, too dry skin, skin ulcers, and all related skin conditions.
  • Homeopathic preparations with arnica can be safely used in childern for speeding up healing wounds, cuts, burns, and other minor skin problems.
  • Health benefits of arnica embrace hair loss treatment and prevention.
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