Aromatherapy And A Little Bit Of Its History

AromatherapyAromatherapy is a very popular branch of modern herbal medicine, which involves using curative abilities and therapeutic properties of essential oils for treating many known diseases and health problems. Historically, aromatherapy is based on holistic approach and this type of healing is directed on achieving maximal balance in our physical and psychological life. As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy has thousands years of history and development.

Plant and essential oils have been used to treat various diseases since ancient times. In particular, it was a common practice in ancient China to burn incense sticks in order to achieve spiritual balance and harmony. Ancient Egyptians knew perfect technologies of essential oil extraction from such plants as roses, lavender, olive, myrrh and other herbs which were used primarily for embalming, and for curative purposes. It is believed that ancient Indians and Persians also possessed similar technologies of oil extraction.

Ancient Egyptians studied all properties and powers of essential oils very thoroughly, and they invented such beautiful and common thing as perfume. After the collapse of Ancient Egyptian Empire, this invention found its home in Ancient Greece, where both perfumes and essential oils were used for their therapeutic qualities rather than for fragrance. At the same time, in Ancient China aromatherapy was blossoming and exactly aromatic properties of herbs and essential oils were used to treat such problems as headaches, psychological misbalances and so on.

Essential OilsSomewhere in the 13th-14th centuries, when the first killing epidemics emerged, the first tenuous budding of pharmacology appeared. Numerous herbal remedies, herbal therapies and treatments were used to save people’s lives from the attacks of bubonic plague and other mass killing infections. Experts believe that in those years, essential oils and aromatherapy played the key role in keeping the humanity alive during and after the hardest epidemics.

The 19th century was the time when the most of important discoveries and studies as to the ingredients and healing powers of essential oils were made. Since the beginning of the 20th century various compounds and ingredients of natural essential oils have been used for producing complicated drugs and medicines. Finally, in the end of the 20th century the importance and unique powers of herbal remedies and essential oils were re-valued, as well as aromatic benefits of them. Therefore, recently aromatherapy is witnessing a sort of revival. It is practiced widely throughout the word, and a great deal of information about its basics and techniques is available online for every interested person.

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