Caraway (Carum Carvi)

Caraway seed benefitsCaraway (Carum Carvi) is a medicinal herb native to the Mediterranean region, North Africa, India and other South Asian regions, but currently it is being cultivated throughout the globe. It belongs to the same family as dill and cumen. Caraway has been used since the Middle Ages for numerous medicinal and culinary purposes. For herbal remedies and herbal preparations, such part of the herb as caraway seed is used. The main product which can help us enjoy numerous health benefits of caraway is caraway seed oil: a very rich and useful natural product, one of the most used essential oils known as a powerful medicinal remedy.

Plenty of such useful natural compounds as limonene, carvoneĀ  and other volatile oils can be found in caraway seed oil. This herb is also considered a great source of minerals, tannins, lipids, proteins and carbs. Caraway seed benefits include excellent carminative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, diuretic, stimulant and other therapeutic actions. Apart of caraway seed oil, such herbal remedies as caraway infusion, caraway powder, caraway tincture and caraway poultices are widely used. The following are the main health benefits of caraway and caraway seed oil.

  • health benefits of carawayCaraway can be used to treat the symptoms of common cold and bronchitis, including sore throat, coughs, running nose, etc.
  • Caraway seed benefits embrace effective stimulating properties for our immunity system and caraway remedies can assist us in boosting our powers to resist a great deal of infections and bacteria.
  • Combined with other anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs like peppermint, wormwood or fennel, caraway can be a great remedy for irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Health benefits of caraway include treating and preventing many of bladder and liver infections.
  • Excellent stimulant properties of caraway seed oil make it a great natural solution for minor gastric problems like appetite loss, gas and gas associated pains, colic, stomach and bowel spasms, etc.
  • Also, caraway seed oil and other herbal remedies with caraway work wonders as an effective tonic for general function of gastrointestinal tract.
  • Along with such essential oils as sage oil, chamomile oil, myrrh oil, clove oil and others, caraway seed oil can be used for mouthwashes which are considered very effective for preventing gingivitis and other dental inflammations.
  • It is a great natural solution to banish bad breath.
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