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The Main General Properties Of Medicinal Herbs

Herbal remediesAll known medicinal herbs have three main therapeutic powers. Those include building, stimulating and cleansing properties. Many modern therapeutic techniques involve detoxification on the first stage, followed by taking advantage from stimulating and building properties of medicinal herbs. (more…)

Aromatherapy And A Little Bit Of Its History

AromatherapyAromatherapy is a very popular branch of modern herbal medicine, which involves using curative abilities and therapeutic properties of essential oils for treating many known diseases and health problems. Historically, aromatherapy is based on holistic approach and this type of healing is directed on achieving maximal balance in our physical and psychological life. As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy has thousands years of history and development. (more…)

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

traditional chinese medicineIt is difficult to find a person who would never have heard anything about Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Nowadays, this medical approach is very popular not only in the countries of the Far East, but in the Western societies as well. Known for its long historical traditions, in our epoch the approaches of Chinese Traditional Medicine are widely used along with the most modern medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. (more…)

Herbal Medicine, Its Roots And Place In Modern Health Care World

Herbal MedicineNowadays, herbal medicine and herbal treatments are undoubtedly the most popular approaches in modern medicine. Just like aromatherapy, acupuncture or massage therapy, herbal medicine has a very long history of its development. It has a great number of schools and systems, like the most known in our times Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and many more. (more…)