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Foxglove (Digitalis Lanata)

Foxglove FlowersFoxglove plant is sometimes known as Digitalis, and this is one of the most controversial medicinal herbs of modern time’s alternative medicine. It is a common biennial or perennial plant which can be found in woodlands throughout the non-tropical areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Foxglove plant is also known as virgin’s glove, fairy caps, gloves of our lady, bloody fingers, and so on. Foxglove leaves and beautiful pink bells of foxglove flowers look similar to another quite toxic and controversial medicinal herb, comfrey, and these two plants are very often confused. Some people adore beautiful look of foxglove flowers, thus cultivate this beautiful flower in their gardens for decorative purposes rather than for medicinal purposes. Truthfully, not too much is known about therapeutic benefits and healing powers of this plant, but there is a lot of useful information to consider for those who are interested in alternative medicine. (more…)

Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor)

Wild Pansy TeaWild Pansy (Viola tricolor) known also as Heartsease or Garden Violet is a common wild annual herb which grows throughout Europe. In North America it is known as Yellow Wild Pansy or Johnny Jump Up. The flowers which appear in a great variety of colors, are amazing in their beauty and for many years the herb has been associated with love. It has a great traditional value is has been used by many nations as an important ornamental element for decorating gardens and parks. In folk medicine, this remedy is used in the forms of tinctures, decoctions, poultices, or in the form of popular wild pansy tea. (more…)

What Medicinal Herbs Can Do For Us?

Herbal RemediesNowadays, herbal medicine and herbal remedies are exceptionally popular and millions of people throughout the world are using medicinal herbs and natural products to prevent or treat a great number of common diseases, as well as for strengthening own genera health. Medicinal herbs are supposed to be very powerful remedies for many various health conditions, and they allow us receive quick and lasting results. (more…)