Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)

Cat's ClawCat’s Claw is a very interesting and not very well known natural remedies. It originates from Peruvian planes and is actually a vine with very strong hook-shaped claws for which it has got its memorable name. There are two most common species of this plant. One is Uncaria guianensis, the type of cat’s claw cultivated and known in Europe, and Uncaria tomentosa, the type used in both American continents. This plant has been used for centuries in national medical traditions of South American countries where Cat’s Claw is called Una de Gato. For the last decades, Cat’s Claw products have got a great popularity in the United States of America, and this natural remedy is sometimes mentioned in the list of 10 most sold herbs and herbal products.

As a rule, the roots, bark and leaves of the plant are considered the most valuable parts, and they are mainly used for manufacturing various products with Cat’s Claw. Unfortunately, there were not many studies and scientific researches carried out as to chemical contents and medicinal values of this plant. It is known that Cat’s Claw is rich in natural oxindole alkaloids which provide immune system boosting properties of this plant. Due to a lack of scientific research there are warnings as to possible toxicity of Cat’s Claw. Health benefits of this natural remedy are quite numerous, and below there is a small list of the most effective and the most known of those.

  • Cats ClawCat’s Claw products are famous with their anti-inflammatory properties, and those can be used in treating various skin infections (including herpes), digestive system infections, respiratory system infections, and others.
  • This natural product can be especially effective for relieving pains and swelling linked to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Anti-fungal properties of this natural remedy are considered quite effective, and it can be used as a great natural remedy for such common fungal infection as Candida.
  • According to the findings of one recent study, using Cat’s Claw extracts can be effective for inhibiting the development of breast cancer cells. Even more, as the findings have shown, this natural product can be a future clue to creating a new remedy to prevent and possibly treat HIV infections.
  • More commonly, Cat’s Claw products are used as a natural digestive system support. They can be recommended to those who suffer from gastritis and related stomach aches, who have indigestion, a lack of appetite, diarrhea and a leaky bowel syndrome, and even relieve the condition of those who have stomach ulcers.
  • Cat’s Claw has very powerful stimulating effects and can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, improve blood circulation and stimulate blood flow to brain, thus reduce the risks for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia like brain disorders, and even such serious conditions as brain cancer.
  • Cleansing effects of Cat’s Claw are well known and this natural remedy works great for preventing various kidney and bladder problems.
  • This amazing natural remedy can assist in improving skin quality, support healing wounds and slow down scar formation.
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