Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)

Cat's ClawCat’s claw is a popular medicinal plant, with two most commonly used species, Uncaria guianensis and Uncaria tomentosa. At that, Uncaria guianensis grows throughout Europe and is being used there for herbal preparations of various types, and Uncaria tomentosa specie is common for the North America. In the United States, Cat’s claw is considered one of the ten most popular medicinal plants used for local alternative medicine, along with chamomile, peppermint, dandelion, and others. Cat’s claw is a shrub which grows throughout South and Central America, in woody forests and opened areas. This medicinal plant has centuries of history of being used for preventing and treating a multitude of diseases, including infectious and viral ones. It is possible to use Cat’s claw extracts, infusions, or capsules, and such parts of the plant as inner bark and roots.

Cat’s claw remedies are rich in such compounds as tannins, alkaloids, sterols, and plenty of various phytochemicals. The properties of this natural remedy vary greatly from treating minor digestive problems to preventing most of cancers, though solid scientific prove can be found only for a few of the below mentioned benefits of this medicinal herb. Despite the fact that Cat’s claw products are considered quite safe in a short term use, those people who have allergies for the plants of the Rubiaceae family should be very careful with this plant. Besides, those who suffer from kidney problems and low blood pressure should also be aware about possible side effects of this plant. Finally, pregnant and nursing women should strictly keep away from using natural products with Cat’s claw. Below, check out a small list of the most important health benefits and therapeutic effects of Cat’s claw.

  • Cat's Claw ProductCat’s claw products can be used to stimulate the function of the immune system. Therefore, using this plant can be dangerous to those who suffer from auto-immune diseases, but used for advantage of those who have decreased function of this system.
  • This plant can work great for dilating blood vessels and reducing our blood pressure. Therefore, it can be used for preventing hypertension and all serious cardiovascular risks linked to this health condition.
  • Pain relieving and relaxing properties of this natural remedy can help those who suffer from arthritis. Cat’s claw products can help relieving muscle and joint aches, muscle tension, and relieve swollen joints.
  • Traditionally, Cat’s claw has a history of use as an effective natural remedy for osteoporosis prevention and improving our bone health.
  • Cat’s claw products can be used for calming down stomach spasms, due to excellent anti-spasmodic properties of this natural remedy.
  • This plant has very powerful anti-virus properties which can be used against skin infections. Moreover, it is suggested that this natural remedy can be goon to support the life function of those who suffer from HIV.
  • It is reported that Cat’s claw products can work fine for improving our digestive health, prevent stomach ulcers, colitis and inflammation of the digestive tract, gastritis and leaky bowel syndrome, etc. It is also considered to be good for parasite removal.
  • Diuretic benefits of this medicinal plant are valued very highly, and they can be used to reduce swelling, speed up detoxification and toxic substances removal from the body, etc.
  • This plant has strong antioxidant properties which can play a role for preventing negative effects of oxidative stress, prevent premature aging and substantially reduce the risks of most common types of cancer.
  • There are records that by using Cat’s claw infusion or Cat’s claw extracts can be helpful for reducing the symptoms of asthma.
  • Also, it is reported that a regular use of Cat’s claw infusion can work for reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes.
  • Finally, preliminary research has shown that using this natural remedy can be good for our brain function and can be recommended for reducing the risks for Alzheimer’s disease.
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