Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium)

FeverfewFeverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) is a very well known natural remedy and medicinal herb. It has been used for may centuries around the world to treat a great variety of conditions and prevent many diseases. As a rule, leaves and flowers of this medicinal herb are used for preparing herbal infusions and other natural remedies. Feverfew is also known as Matricaria, Grande Chamomile, Santa Maria, Bachelor’s Buttons, Featherfew, Featerfoiul, Flirtwort Midsummer Daisy, Altamisa, and so on. It is a small perennial herb with beautiful flowers looking a lot like chamomiles. It is very easy to cultivate feverfew, and this wonderful plant is known and loved by many nations. In some cultures, it plays an important ornamental and decorative role. Its medicinal properties and values have been known since the times of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

The effects and chemical content of feverfew herb has bee studied by many research groups and scientific teams. It was discovered that the herb is rich in a substance called parthenolide. The researchers found out that this chemical is responsible for the great and very powerful properties of the herb to treat and ward off migraines. Currently, there are a few feverfew products available in the market. It is possible to purchase feverfew pills or extracts. Besides, it is possible to use dried leaves of flowers of the plant for preparing your own herbal product like infusion or tincture. Experts warn that those people who are prone to allergies, who have problems with liver or blood pressure, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women should strictly keep away from using this natural remedy. It is highly recommended to consult with your health care specialist before starting any sort of therapy involving feverfew. Below, there is a list of therapeutic properties and healing actions of the medicinal plant.

  • Feverfew BenefitsTreating migraines and headaches is definitely the most popular and the most effective property of feverfew. Studies have shown that using this natural remedy can work better than aspirin and other known nonsteroidal antiinflammatories. Feverfew product work on blocking the production of prostaglandins and serotonin, the hormones responsible for the majority of headache cases. This way, the herb helps prevent inflammation in blood vessels, as well as can prevent blood vessels spasms which often take place and can cause headaches and migraines.
  • Besides, as the name of the plant suggests, it can work great for reducing fever and relieving other symptoms of inflammatory diseases, including respiratory system infections, ear and skin infections, and so on. Many experts recommend applying feverfew products directly to the gums to kill dental infections and improve dental health.
  • Positive effects of feverfew can be used by those patients with arthritic, muscle tension, swollen feet, excessive tiresome, etc.
  • This natural remedy can be used for improving the function of the digestive system. Such common disorders as flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, poor appetite, and others can be successfully treated by using feverfew products.
  • In many medical traditions and alternative medicines, feverfew can be used to stimulate blood flow, reduce blood pressure and prevent all serious cardiovascular diseases related to this condition, prevent anemia, and so on. This property of feverfew is also considered the one that contributes in headache preventing effects.
  • Historically, this natural remedy has been used to improve fertility both in men and women, increase chances to conceive and prevent miscarriage or any other problem related to pregnancy. Centuries ago, women used to use this natural remedy to prevent menstrual cramps and other related irregularities. At the same time, these properties of feverfew have no proper scientific prove though it was studied.
  • It was found out that this natural remedy can be used to relieve the condition of those with asthma, allergic reactions, coughs, liver problems, dermatitis, and intestinal worms.
  • By using feverfew products it is possible to strengthen our kidney function.
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