Foxglove (Digitalis Lanata)

Foxglove FlowersFoxglove plant is sometimes known as Digitalis, and this is one of the most controversial medicinal herbs of modern time’s alternative medicine. It is a common biennial or perennial plant which can be found in woodlands throughout the non-tropical areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Foxglove plant is also known as virgin’s glove, fairy caps, gloves of our lady, bloody fingers, and so on. Foxglove leaves and beautiful pink bells of foxglove flowers look similar to another quite toxic and controversial medicinal herb, comfrey, and these two plants are very often confused. Some people adore beautiful look of foxglove flowers, thus cultivate this beautiful flower in their gardens for decorative purposes rather than for medicinal purposes. Truthfully, not too much is known about therapeutic benefits and healing powers of this plant, but there is a lot of useful information to consider for those who are interested in alternative medicine.

The main active ingredients of foxglove plant include a number of glycosides, the key of which are gitoxin, gelatin, and digitoxm. These three natural substances are known for their excellent cardiovascular properties and the abilities to prevent quite serious common diseases including heart disease and heart attack. These elements can be found in foxglove leaves and foxglove flowers. At the same time, the seeds of the plant are also rich in natural fatty oil which has healthy properties. Foxglove plant is especially popular in Indian and Traditional Chinese medicine, and the most commonly used forms of use include tinctures, ointments, and dry leaves. Surprisingly, this medicinal herb is also very popular in South America, which is highly valued there for its natural health benefits. However, the main important information is: this medicinal plant has QUITE HIGH TOXICITY, so it should be used ONLY under a supervision of a qualified health care specialist.

  • Foxglove PlantUndoubtedly, preventing heart condition is the main and the key benefits of foxglove. Moreover, studies have shown that this natural remedy can be effective not only for preventing but also for treating many heart conditions. This medicinal herb works perfectly for stimulating heart muscle, improving blood flow to the coronaries and proving the heart with the essential nutrients. By these properties, foxglove can support and regulate the function of the heart. However, beware of abusing this medicinal herb since it has INCREASED TOXICITY.
  • Historically, foxglove plant was used to treat various minor health conditions including headaches, abdomen pains, and so on.
  • Stimulating health benefits of foxglove plant are recommended to those who want to prevent kidney problems, especially kidney stones and related conditions.
  • Ointments and tinctures made from foxglove plant can work awesome to treat a variety of skin conditions. In particular, it was possible to speed up recovery after any kind of physical skin damage, including cuts, burns, wounds, boils,¬†abscesses, and so on.
  • South American specialists in alternative medicine use foxglove plant tea and infusions as an excellent sedative to treat such symptoms as anxiety, nervousness, irritability, and other stress symptoms.
  • Also, in South American foxglove flower infusion is known as a natural diuretic which is recommended to prevent bladder problems and stimulate detoxification.
  • There is evidence that foxglove plant can be effectively used to relieve the symptoms of asthma and related health conditions.
  • If used in small and moderate doses, foxglove plant usually does not cause any adverse effects and unwanted reactions. However, this plant is considered one of the most toxic, and the most common side effects embrace headaches, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and others. Avoid using foxglove without a special recommendation and supervision of a doctor. If you started experiencing the mentioned side effects, stop administering the medication and immediately visit a health care specialist.
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