Garlic (Allium Sativum)

GarlicSince very early epochs, the benefits of garlic are known and very highly valued. This natural remedy plays an important role in national medical traditions of hundreds of nations around the world. Garlic root is known since the times of Ancient Egypt as a natural remedy for stomach disorders, and in the Middle Ages it has been a very famous remedy to scare vampires. During the World War II, garlic was extensively used by the soldiers of Russian army to treat wounds and keep various infections at bay. In modern times, garlic has got a fame as an amazing natural remedy to prevent some common types of cancer, as well as a unique remedy for cold and other respiratory system problems.

It is reported that garlic contains over 100 various essential nutrients and natural chemicals, therefore, it is considered one of the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals we all need for normal function of all our body systems and organs. There were numerous studies proving amazing benefits of garlic, starting from anti-inflammatory and ending up with cardiovascular. The main disadvantage of using this amazing natural remedy is its unpleasant odor which can not be tolerated by quite a good number of people. At the same time, there are various forms and methods of consuming this natural remedy, including the ones like capsules, tinctures, tables, and so on. Below, there is a small list of the most important health benefits of garlic.

  • Benefits of garlicGarlic is known as one of the best natural immune function stimulants, therefore, it can be used to prevent a great number of diseases, stating from common colds and ending up with auto immune diseases. This property is attributed to a high content of vitamin C in this plant.
  • Using garlic for treating and preventing various infections and bacterial invasions is one of the traditional uses of this natural remedy. It can be very effective against respiratory system infections, and especially skin infections like acne, dermatitis, and so on.
  • Studies have shown that garlic should be considered a very powerful natural source of vitamin B6.
  • Nowadays, since the incidence and risks of cardiovascular disease have grown really high, garlic has got popularity as an effective natural protection against such health conditions as hypertension, heart disease, heart attack, and others. Garlic was found to have very strong blood thinning effects, that is why it can help prevent the mentioned diseases.
  • In addition to that, garlic is linked to very effective effects of bad cholesterol lowering. That is why it can be recommended to those who are suffering from high cholesterol and increased related risks.
  • Anti-fungal benefits of garlic are legendary, and using this natural remedy against nail fungus can work better than some pharmaceuticals.
  • Garlic is a known aphrodisiac, and it can be used to improve sexual function, prevent infertility and boost stamina.
  • Many recent studies have proven that garlic can be used as very strong solution for cancer prevention. Consuming fresh garlic on a regular basis can work great for this purpose. Use this miraculous natural remedy every day to strengthen your health and prevent diseases!
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