Herbal Medicine, Its Roots And Place In Modern Health Care World

Herbal MedicineNowadays, herbal medicine and herbal treatments are undoubtedly the most popular approaches in modern medicine. Just like aromatherapy, acupuncture or massage therapy, herbal medicine has a very long history of its development. It has a great number of schools and systems, like the most known in our times Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and many more.

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine, which is usually linked to ancient art of healing various health problems with herbal remedies, tinctures, teas, decoctions, or, in our times – herbal products, like capsules, pills or supplements. It originated from ancient magic knowledge of wisemen, voodoo doctors and witches, who knew the recipes of magic brews and teas for all possible diseases and ailments. For many centuries herbal knowledge has been handed down from mouth to mouth of herbalists and practitioners, and herbal remedies were the only way to get cured or ease the symptoms of one or another disease.

However, in the 19th century due to a huge progress and advancement of such sciences as chemistry and biology, a great deal of new revolutionary substances were received and tested. As a result, chemically synthesized medicines started replacing the existing and well-known herbal remedies. In contrast to herbs and homemade remedies, which are usually effective only in long-term period of time, pharmaceutical drugs and medicines were able to bring immediate relief. Moreover, in the context of the expected effects, medications were more precise and controllable, since they have measurable ingredients and can be controlled down to their molecular structure.

Nevertheless, by the middle of the 20th century it became obvious that the effects chemical drugs have on human body are sometimes very harmful. In particular, instant and very powerful relief of such problems as headaches or menstrual pains does not solve the problem and makes the person avoid solving it. That is why general public became more careful with the medicines people use, and nowadays the best and the safest remedies and treatments are dominated by natural ingredients: herbs, fruits, etc., and their extracts. The question of safety is still a major concern of modern health care specialists, because many people tend to believe that herbal treatments are completely safe. Currently, the extensive work on public education about how to use herbal remedies and treatments in a safe way is on.

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