How To Use Medicinal Herbs

Herbal TeaThe easiest way to use herbs is preparing herbal teas, or herbal infusions. You can use fresh or dried leaves, stems, seeds or flowers. The most common way of preparing any type of herbal tea is steeping certain amount of dried herbal material in 100-150 ml of boiling water, and then keeping the infusion for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to cover up the cup in order not to lose valuable elements which can go into the air. Herbal teas can be consumed cold or hot.

Herbal pills and capsules is another convenient and very easy way of taking medicinal herbs. Usually, pills and capsules have powdered herbal materials covered with gelatin, or compressed herbal materials with coating. Those who want to benefits from therapeutic effects of medicinal herbs must make sure buying only high quality herbal pills or capsules from only reputable producers.

Herbal DecoctionIn many situations, for external or internal usage we need herbal decoctions. The main difference between herbal teas (infusions) and herbal decoction is the time of boiling herbal materials in hot water. As a rule, common decoctions are prepared by boiling certain amount of dried herbal materials in an iron or ceramic pot on a low fire for 15-30 minutes, according to the recommendations. Such herbal decoctions can be used for gargling, as well as for compresses, fomentations and other external purposes.

Also, one more quite common type of using medicinal herbs for herbal remedies is tincture. Herbal tinctures are made with the help of stabilizing substances, like apple vinegar, glycerin or alcohol (or alcohol containing drinks, like gin, vodka, brandy and others). For preparing herbal tinctures you can use herbal powder or herbal extracts. For preparing herbal tinctures, it is necessary to mix herbal materials and stabilizer in stipulated proportions, and then keep in a dark and cool place for several weeks. Such type of herbal remedies is usually used internally or externally by drops or teaspoons.

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