Jamaica Dogwood (Piscidia Erythrina)

jamaica dogwoodJamaica dogwood (Piscidia erythrina) is a medicinal plant known also in some localities as Fishfuddle or Florida fishpoison tree. It is a middle-size tropical tree which growth in its natural habitat in southern areas of the United States (Florida, Texas, California, etc.), as well as in Mexico, Panama, Cuba and other countries of the Carribean region. It si well known, first of all, due to excellent sedative effects, and ancient ingenious tribes in North America used to apply Jamaica dogwood extracts in order to sedate fish in the rivers so it would be caught easily. The first scientists from the West started studying the properties of Jamaica dogwood only in the 19th century, and it became known as an excellent natural nervine and headache relief. In modern times, this medicinal plan is used for a variety of health benefits and therapeutic properties, mist of which is described in the list below.

Jamaica dogwood is known for itsĀ  high content of organic acids and a component rotenone, a natural repellant compoundĀ  that works great as an insecticide and can assist in fighting against various insects like mosquitoes, flies, lice, and others. At the same time, due to high concentration of this compound Jamaica dogwood is considered toxic and should be taken with great conscious. Always talk to your health care specialist or any other qualified specialists before starting any kind of treatment with Jamaica dogwood. Never give this natural remedy to small children and teenagers. As a rule, the bark and roots of the tree are used for producing natural remedies, and sometimes leaves can be used too. Nowadays, it is possible to buy extracts of this plant in the form of tincture, alcohol based extract, or simply use natural forms like powder or pieces of bark. Below, check out a small list of the most significant health benefits of Jamaica dogwood.

  • jamaica_dogwoodSedative properties of the natural remedy can be used to treat a vast variety of problems, starting from nervous tension and irritability and ending up with insomnia and severe signs of stresses.
  • It is reported that Jamaica dogwood can be used a a natural painkiller (which is advantageous to those who are allergic to normal commercially produced painkillers), so it can help in calming down any kind of pains, especially for menstrual pains, chronic headaches, and so on.
  • Studies by Maryland University experts have shown that Jamaica dogwood can be effectively used as a natural anti-spasmodic remedy, especially for relieving muscle spasms and stomach spasms.
  • A combination of two mentioned properties of Jamaica dogwood (analgesic and anti-spasmodic) makes this natural remedy a very effective solution for those women who suffer from all symptoms of painful periods, including spasms, cramps, abdomen pains, and so on.
  • Jamaica dogwood leaves can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy: it can work great for various skin problems like injuries, acne, strains, and others, to prevent inflammation and speed up the recovery.
  • A solution with a few drops of Jamaica dogwood extract can be used as a mouthwash to prevent dental inflammation, as skin tonic to stop any kind of inflammation, or as hair rinse to improve hair health, strengthen hair shafts and prevent hair loss.
  • Jamaica dogwood leaves tea mixed with some hops and valerian root is considered one of the best known natural remedies for insomnia, restlessness, and other common sleep disorders.
  • Any natural remedy with this plant extract can be used as natural diuretic and a natural remedy to promote sweating. These therapeutic properties of Jamaica dogwood work perfectly great for those who suffer from common cold, a flu, high fever, or other related health conditions.
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