Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

Health Benefits of JasmineJasmine (Jasminum officinale) is a very widely known flowering shrub famous for its amazing beauty and mesmerizing aroma. This is one of the most characteristic herbal remedies of the Mediterranean region, which has been highly valued in folk medicines and used for numerous herbal preparation for many centuries. It plays a role of therapeutic natural remedy in Traditional Chinese and ancient Indian medicines, too. Jasmine essential oil and jasmine tea are arguably the most known ways to use numerous health benefits of jasmine plant. However, sometimes jasmine flower tinctures or extracts can be used as well.

Many herbalists know very well that jasmine flowers are rich in such natural component as etheric oi, bu not all of them are aware about other constituents of this herbal remedy. Jasmine benefits can be attributed to such chemical compounds as indole, linalcohol, benzilic acetate, benzilic alcohol, jasmon, and others. Being a very pleasant with its taste and aroma, jasmine and its products can be quite allergic, so those who want to enjoy the below stated benefits should keep this in mind and be sure to avoid such unwanted effects as increased acidity, allergic reactions, and others. Jasmine extracts and product are know for the following therapeutic properties and healing actions:

  • Jasmine benefitsSince the times of ancient history, jasmine tea and jasmine oil were known as very powerful natural aphrodisiacs, so this herbal remedy was recommended to boost libido and manly sexual power, stimulate sexual drive and even possibly treat infertility both in men and women.
  • Besides, using jasmine benefits as a painkiller was also among the frailest uses of this herbal remedy which is considered especially effective for muscle pains, joint aches and headaches.
  • Jasmine oil can be added to special essential oil mixtures to treat the most common symptoms of respiratory infections.
  • Jasmine tea is known as a great natural tonic which can stimulate the function of all main body systems and organs.
  • Health benefits of jasmine include antiseptic properties which can be recommended to treat all sorts of skin infections.
  • This natural remedy can be successfully used to stimulate and imrpove the fucntion of digestive system.
  • Studied have shown that detoxifying jasmine benefits can be safely used by virtually everyone for effective toxin removal and body cleansing.
  • Jasmine tea and extracts can assist in more effective weight loss and weight management.
  • In aromatherapy, jasmine oil can be very effectively used to treat nervous tension, apathy, anxiety, and even more serious nervous disorders.
  • Health benefits of jasmine oil embrace excellent uplifting and relaxing porwes which can be used to combat depression and other negative effects of stresses.
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