Medicinal Herbs And Their Uses

Herbal RemediesIt is difficult to underestimate the role and importance of medicinal herbs and herbal remedies in modern medical science. Medicinal plants and herbs include those botanical species which have certain values for our health and can provide us with certain therapeutic benefits. When talking about herbs, the scientists usually mean not only stems and leaves of the plants, but also their fruit, flowers, roots, seeds and shells, pollen, plant oil and other ingredients.

Every medicinal herb or plant has one or more substances (including flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and so on), which have certain curative powers or at least nutritional values. Such substances can be extracted and used as a single remedy or as an ingredient of natural curative formulas. Every day, hundreds of scientific studies and researches are being held to find out more about the chemical properties and therapeutic values of medicinal herbs and plants, as well as to know what effects one or another herb has on our body.

Medicinal PlantsMedicinal herbs and plants have a great deal of applications and can be utilized in many different ways. First of all, they can be used for internal or external treatments. In terms of external use, herbs and their products can be used for rubbing into skin, as well as washing or rinsing your body part. Internally, herbal products can be swallowed, sipped, inhaled and so on. Drinking herbal teas is definitely the simplest use of medicinal plants, which however is not always suitable as some herbs are bitter. Therefore, it is possible to use then in the forms of pills, syrups, herbal supplements and so on.

There are thousands of known medicinal herbs which are used for preparing various herbal remedies and natural treatments. Despite of the fact that pharmacological activity of plants and herbs is supposed to be weak, sometimes herbal remedies and extracts prove to be much stronger than their synthesized analogs. They can seriously affect and change the course of the disease, that is why it is essential to avoid self-treatment and use medicinal herbs or herbal remedies only upon a recommendation of personal herbalists or other experienced health care practitioners.

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