Periwinkles (Vinca Major & Vinca Minor)

Periwinkle Tea BenefitsCommon Periwinkle is a perennial shrub with dark green leaves, numerous branches and beautiful flowers of blue, pinkish, purple or white colors. It is cultivate throughout the world and highly valued not only for its numerous therapeutic properties and healing actions, but also for its decorative, ornamental and cultural purposes. Periwinkle has a long history of usage as a healing herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as in Europe and the Caribbean region.  Periwinkle tea benefits have been known for centuries and successfully used to treat a great number of diseases and ailments.

It is believed that periwinkle is one of the herbal remedies originated from Madagascar and now used in many parts of the world. Health benefits of periwinkle include antibiotic, analgesic, antibacterial, hypotensive, calming, laxative and other numerous properties. Active components of this natural remedy include alstonine, vinblastine, vincamine, leurocristine, vincristine, vinpocetine, reserpine, ajmalicine, and others. Periwinkle tea is the most common form of using this medicinal herb, however, other herbal preparations like tinctures or poultices are also used quite a lot all around. Medicinal uses of periwinkle are really numerous.

  • Health Benefits Of PeriwinkleFor many centuries and in many parts of the world periwinkle is known the best as an excellent solution to prevent memory loss.
  • Thus, it can serve as a prevention for such diseases as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Another very famous use of periwinkle is interrupting bleeding.
  • This natural remedy can be used for its anti-cancer properties as a good solution to prevent many forms of cancer
  • Periwinkle is a good remedy for minor digestive problem like diarrhea and flatulence.
  • This natural solution can be used both internally and externally to treat almost all sorts of infections.
  • Our ancestors used periwinkle infusion as a great and effective natural painkiller.
  • It can be recommended to those who need to decrease the symptoms of respiratory infections and related ailments.
  • Periwinkle can be suggested to those women who suffer from menstrual overflows and other related imbalances.
  • Health benefits of periwinkle embrace balancing properties and stimulating blood circulation.
  • This remedy is recommended to those who suffer from diabetes as periwinkle can lower sugar levels in blood.
  • Periwinkle tea benefits also include treating mouth infections and sores.
  • One of the most important periwinkle tea benefits is its effectiveness for migraines and headaches.
  • Those who suffer from chronic stresses, anxiety, nervous tension and other related symptoms can use periwinke tea to calm down and relax.
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