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Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)

BarberryBarberry, or European barberry, is a known medicinal herb which has been used for many centuries and valued for its numerous health benefits. Barberry is a shrub that grows in warm regions of Europe, and its fruits, leaves, roots, and bark are used to make special natural remedies for various health conditions. It is possible to see a barberry bush growing in wild setting, in the lanes and marshlands somewhere close to water, or it can be cultivated in gardens and farms by those who like this amazing gift of our Mother Nature and want to benefit from the known therapeutic powers of barberry. It is also reported that barberry remedies are very popular in Russia (where barberry fruits are used for making jams and various sweet beverages), and in India (where some products of this plant are used as the ingredients for various home made cosmetics and beauty products). (more…)