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Herbs For Varicose Veins

Varisoce VeinsDue to a growing number of overweight and obese people around the world, a chronic lack of physical exercise and leading a sedentary lifestyle for many years, chronic digestive system problems, genetic predisposition, hormonal shifts, and other common issues, lately the number of those who are diagnosed with varicose veins has been strictly increasing. The condition is characterized by weakened, enlarged, swollen, and twisted veins, mainly on the legs, and it is estimated that by the age of 60, about 15 per cent of men suffer from this problem, as well as every one in five women. Varicose veins are very often diagnosed in young women during or after pregnancy. This health condition is usually linked to pains and cramps in legs, heavy itching, extreme heaviness in legs, and other problems. With time, the problem can grow into a serious condition causing inability to move legs: in such case, surgery is the only solution for varicose veins. (more…)