Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

traditional chinese medicineIt is difficult to find a person who would never have heard anything about Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Nowadays, this medical approach is very popular not only in the countries of the Far East, but in the Western societies as well. Known for its long historical traditions, in our epoch the approaches of Chinese Traditional Medicine are widely used along with the most modern medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on the idea that our body is a very difficult evolutionary system, which is connected with the outer world very closely. In contrast to the main traditional ways that are used in Western herbal medicine, ancient Chinese herbalism is mostly concentrated not on therapeutic properties and powers of every single herb, but more likely on herbal formulas and combinations, which involve a hierarchy of herbs (ministerial, deputy, assistant herbs, and so on). This stipulates so called holistic healing concept which dominates in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Chinese Traditional MedicineCertainly, there are many other important philosophic postulates and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is supposed that a body can be in a good health only in the case when the body’s energies (the Thaoist opposing energies Yin and Yang) are balanced. Many outer factors cause imbalances and diseases, and such factors should be identified for a correct diagnosis. The most used methods of diagnosing the problems in the context of ancient Chinese medicine is asking questions, listening to the pulse, observing the symptoms, and so on.

There are certain types and schools which are included to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Japan, many approaches and principles of Chinese practitioners are used and known with the name Kampo. In the Western world, such therapies as acupuncture and aromatherapy, which originate from Chinese Medicine, are widely practiced and considered to be very effective. Besides, there are famous systems of physical activities and exercises, like Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong (breathing exercises), which are effectively used in the Far East to improve people’s physical and mental health. Chinese Traditional Medicine offers the widest variety of solution for almost all modern health problems, from common colds and insomnia, to infertility and various dysfunctions.

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